Our Values

To have an IMPACT on every life


We Inspire the youth.  


We Motivate the youth to be an achiever.


We put in place Preventitive measures.


To support to Aspire to be who they want/can be.


We have the compassion and are passionate about the welfare/welbeing of our community.


At the end of their journey their personal journey they have a Testimony to inspire their peers.

Objectives of our foundation

Our main objectives are to improve the lives of Afro-Caribbean youth through appropriate and sustainable social interventions.

We support our youth by organising and putting in place early intervention with young people and their families via our ‘Parenting and Youth Hub’.

MGUKF strongly believe that we all have a role to play within our own pockets of community. As a community-based organisation, we have a good standing within the Afro Caribbean Community living in London, particularly with young people and their parents. This puts us in a strategic position to work collaboratively with other groups, organisations and professionals, to carry out our core initiatives in mental health, youth violence, mentoring and sickle cell awareness.   Our preventative measures is targeted to our youth and we organise support activities such as workshops and events with this specific group.

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