MGUKF CIC is widely known as MGUK Foundation, it started off as the Miss Ghana UK Foundation, mainly mentoring young ladies who participated in the Miss Ghana UK and gained knowledge and life skills after transitioning. The Foundation then discovered that it had so much more to offer the wider community as these young ladies were taking these skills that their peers did not have.

The Foundation has evolved over the years to reflect the changing needs of our community.

In 2018 we launched the Parent and Youth Hub in the UK starting with a serious of interactive workshops across London throughout the year. The Parent and Youth Hub will be led by professionals with various experience to provide training on topics such as Sexual Exploitation, Youth Violence and Culture, Physical Health, Mental Health, Understanding the education system, Parenting and the Law and Understanding the Social Care system.

We run workshops throughout the year on various topics. Please contact us for our latest workshop.

MGUK Foundation works on 5 key areas

Wide range of awareness, anti-stigma and psychoeducational activities targeting Children, young people and adults within the UK and Ghana.

We kicked of our mental health awareness campaign activities with the ‘Dear Mum’ ‘Dear Dad’ campaign in October 2018 on World Mental Health Day.

The ‘Dear mum and dad’ campaign was a social media campaign that shared the voices of young people sharing messages of individual experiences of some of the challenges of growing up within an African and Caribbean/Afro Caribbean home in the UK, and the impact on mental health emotional well-being.

With the rise of violent crimes and killings amongst the African and Caribbean youth living in London and the clear link with mental health, our youth violence initiative aims to raise awareness, inform and sign post support services.

In 2016 MGUKF partnered with Ghana Union, to set up the Star Project which stands for STAND TOGETHER AND RISE. The purpose of STAR project is to support young people from the West African community to talk about and address the issue of violent crimes within the community and via various initiatives to promote unity in our community.

To support the initiatives’ mission, Star Project ‘Debates’ was one of the key building blocks towards the empowerment of young people within the Diaspora, this was launched in October 2017, the ‘Debates’ is a community forum platform created to engage the young Ghanaian community to identify the issues it faces and to try to establish solutions.  Through this initiative, we have several programs that seek to promote youth engagement and unity in the Ghanaian community, e.g collaborating with Ghana Youth Day.

Over the past 16+ years we have mentored over 600 young ladies providing skills, culture awareness and personal grooming skills. We rolled out the ‘Big Sister Big Brother’ programme to the community which provides the young ladies and young men with a role model and friend to talk to and share their experiences of growing up.

 Educating young people of secondary school age and beyond about awareness of Sickle Cell the importance of being aware of their Sickle Cell status, this is an illness that is particularly common in people with an African or Caribbean family background

We started donations to the less privilege since 2001. It became the foundations ethos that it was essential that although we are privileged to be living in the diaspora it was vital that we give to the less privilege back home in Ghana. Over the years the foundation donated yearly to the Osu children’s home, the Teshie children’s home and started a reading clinic and motivational talks at some local and international schools, some of the schools were, Adabraka JSS, Labone high school, Royal seed school, East airport international and a few more.

Organisations We Support

  1. Under mental health: Accra psychiatric hospital – children’s ward
  2. Education project: Streets Academy project
  3. Orphanage: Royal seed
  4. The girl child project: Menstrual poverty project (A£4APAD)- A pound for a pad and #myfutureGH
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